Assignment 2 and 3 update

As discussed in last night’s class, I’ve made the criteria available for Assignment 2 and 3. Access them from the Assignment 2 and 3 page. Please review these criteria and let me know if you see any issues by commenting here.

In the end, I decided to take the literature criteria out of A2, because at most it would have been worth one or two marks. It’s up to you how much literature you incorporate, but I suspect you will all be reading and referencing anyway, because you’re pretty thorough people!

I’ve made a couple of changes to the requirements:

  • In recognition of the fact many of you will be doing this assignment individually, I’ve cut out a couple of sections from Assignment 3. For now, I’ve used strikethrough formatting so you can see the changes. This reduces the overall word count without compromising learning outcomes.
  • I’ve also removed the self allocation of grade component of the reflection. But you still need to reflect on the quality of your work.

I’ve also put up a link to a sign up sheet where you should add your group’s details. There’s a section for you to sign up as a solo too.

Just a reminder that Assignment 2 – the expression of interest – is due at the end of Week 10 (Sunday, 11.59pm).


  • Luke Mysliwy Reply

    Just to clarify, the the end date of week 10 is in fact the 27th September, yes?

    • Kate Davis Reply

      Yup, that’s right. I’ve just updated the Assignment 2 and 3 page with the actual dates.

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