Approach to assessment in IFN614

How we do assessment in this unit, and why we do it the way we do.

Assignment 1 Learning journal

Assignment 1 gives you the opportunity to critically consider a range of issues related to information programs, products and services.

Assignment 2 Expression of interest and Assignment 3 Grant application

Within organisations, expressions of interest are often sought from groups who intend to submit a full application for a grant. In this assignment, you’ll complete an expression of interest in order to receive interim feedback on the program, product or service you will focus on in Assignment 3.

In Assignment 3, you will prepare a full grant application for a product, program or service that meets the needs of a specific user group.

Late submissions and extensions

What happens if you submit an assignment after the due date, and how to request an extension.

Academic integrity

Representing your work honestly, referencing appropriately and avoiding plagiarism.

Referencing and attribution

Why and how to reference or attribute other people’s work in your assignments.


Criteria for your final grade in this unit, what to do if you’re unhappy with a grade.