Makerspaces and other activities to inspire your blogs

A couple of folk have reported difficulties finding makerspace activities and the like.  As school holidays are approaching, it’s a good time to plan ahead and also look for childrens, teens and pop culture events.

Here’s a few suggestions:

The Edge at SLQ: There’s a variety of events, workshops, inductions you could try.

Most of the big Queensland public libraries have events such as:

If you want to attend an event that you aren’t the right age for (e.g. something targeted at under 18s), just contact the library service, explain your assessment and ask for permission to attend.

Fun Palace

And here’s some shameless self promotion from my workplace.

Coming up on the weekend of October 3 and 4 will be Queensland’s first Fun Palaces. SLQ is leading this and will have their Fun Palace on Saturday October 3 but there are also Fun Palaces at Lowood, Longreach, Weipa, Mossman, Helensvale, Thursday Island and Beaudesert (check with each library service for dates and times).

For more info about SLQ’s Fun Palace:

Enjoy, Clare


  • Stacey Larner Reply

    The problem is more that the topic for makerspaces is next week, and school hols runs in the week after and the week after that… so too late to take advantage of the school hols for makerspace reviews :(.

  • Clare Thorpe Reply

    Stacey remember you have a range of activities to do. Makerspaces doesn’t have to be a service or program review. You could do an opinion piece instead. I suggested school holiday activities as we will be discussing children’s programs after the break.

  • Kate Davis Reply

    Thanks for these ideas Clare!

  • Peldon P Reply

    I have just registered myself for a makerspace program happening at Mount Gravatt Library on the 19th (Saturday) which is within time for this week’s activity. However, the program is targeted for children 2-6, I’ll be dragging along my toddler in any case and he’s nearly 2 so they may allow me to attend. However, is it okay for me to write a program reflection on Makerspace which is for children? Thanks 🙂

    • Kate Davis Reply

      Absolutely! I thought those of you who have kids might like to attend a program with your kids.

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