Week 13: Culture and pop culture

What’s on in Week 13

Twitter chat

When Monday 19 October, 6pm – 7pm
Topic Children and teens
Twitter Chat Champions This week’s Twitter Chat Champions are:

  • Lisa
  • Jenny
  • Michalina
  • Luke
  • Natalie
  • Nicole
  • Stacey
Hashtag #ifn614culturechat
  1. Libraries as cultural institutions: what role should different types of libraries have in the age of GLAM? (GLAM: Galleries, libraries, archives and museums)
  2. When I say ‘pop culture in the library’, what springs immediately to your mind? Tell us the first words that come into your head, and then explain.
  3. What are the big trends in pop culture right now, and how can libraries support or capitalise on them?
  4. Does bringing pop culture into the library keep libraries relevant to young people or is it a gimmick young people see through? 
  5. Where do we draw the line on types of magazines in Library? do ‘Trashy’ mags (NW etc) have a place in the Library?
  6. Zines: where do they fit in the collection – reference, lending? Can they be considered sources of authority? Does it depend on who the author is? 
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New to Twitter chats? Check out the post on participating in a Twitter chat.


When Monday 19 October, 7.15pm – 8pm
Where Online in the fancy new Blackboard Collaborate
Topic Bringing it all together
Can’t make it to class? Recording

Things to read and watch


Read one chapter from: Smallwood, C. (Ed.). (2014). Bringing the Arts into the Library. Chicago, IL, USA: American Library Association.

Chapter 1: Making the case for cultural programming in Robertson, D. A. (2005). Cultural Programming for Libraries: Linking Libraries, Communities, and Culture. Chicago, IL, USA: ALA Editions. (This was also a reading in Week 6, so if you didn’t read it then, you should read it now!)

Pinko vs punk: A generational comparison of alternative press publications and zines in Wallace, M. K., Tolley-Stokes, R., & Estep, E. S. (2011). The generation X librarian: Essays on leadership, technology, pop culture, social responsibility and professional identity. US: McFarland & Company Inc, Publishers.

Things to do

assessment-iconWeek 13 learning activity post

You need to complete your Week 11 learning activity. You can complete any of the six activity types that are included in Assignment 1 but remember you need to complete one of each type of activity over the course of the semester.

Marks for submission date

Remember, there are additional marks for submitting this activity within particular time periods. The breakdown is:

  • Submit by the end of the nominated week: 2 additional marks
  • Submit by the end of the following week: 1 additional mark
  • Submit after the end of the following week but before the next check point: 0 additional marks

Argue a point of view

If you’re doing the ‘argue a point of view’ topic this week, you can choose from one of the following topics (argue for or against the statement). Please note I may not agree with all of these!

Prompts coming soon!

Alternatively, you can pick your own topic.

Polish up your forum posts

The second checkpoint for Assignment 1 is almost upon us! Make sure you spend some time polishing up your posts ready for marking.

Get commenting!

We’ll be assigning your participation grades at the second checkpoint, so now is the time to get in and comment on your peers’ forum posts and get involved in discussions on Twitter to maximise your mark.