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Hi Sarah, your reflection brought back striking memories of an almost identical experience with Lexus. My law firm had it installed in the library on a stand alone computer that no one was allowed to use, except in extreme circumstances, as it was so expensive. It was my first experience in searching for information in a digital environment – how strange exciting those early times were as young lawyers. Like you, I found it difficult to use after a one-shot lecture but it was the beginning of a journey that sees me here studying for a Masters that would be impossible without my trusty laptop. The practice of law now depends heavily on instant access to legal information, legal intranets, mobile devices and a fully functioning CMS. How far we’ve come. A big vote of gratitude goes to all those who took the time and had the patience to teach me the digital literacy skills I’ve picked up along the way. Digital literacy skills are now everyday life skills, where would we be without them? On the other side of the digital divide.