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Will Wood

Hi Jill!

I just went back through my forum and saw that you had commented on my intro post so I wanted to do the same.

I think children are fascinating and hope to have some of my own one day when I am more financially secure and have pursued a few of my own interests before they tie me down with responsibility and adorableness.

A creative talent that could make a profitable business is a great superpower! Like the ability to knit highly sought after jackets at lightning speed! Etsy knitters wouldn’t stand a chance. 😉

Also I wanted to say that when I read this in your reply to Stacey:

I remember at school being so scared to create and express originality incase I was ‘wrong’.

It took me right back to school where I never put up my hand because of that very same fear only to have other kids say the answer that I had in my head anyway. Crippling. Still a little bit of a hang up of mine to this day. Who stays pretty quiet in lectures? This guy does.