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      Saurav Khadka

      Hello everyone, welcome back from awesome week break. Today in week 11’s post, I am going to critically review one of the program plan from “The Edge”. The program plan is about making a ‘SPECTROSCOPE’, which will enable the maker of spectroscope see the colors in different sources of light using this simple spectroscope made from a CD.

      Because of time constraints, I could not attend the program, however, when I went through the program plan I felt I was there. The plan has detailed and step wise instructions including the materials that we need, time it takes to develop one, which age group it is suitable for, and many more. The plan has been made so simple and informative that anyone can try them at home because they provide the list of materials which states where we can find it and how much it costs! I found providing information in this depth in a program plan very appealing.

      Furthermore, the plan also provided description in a timeline manner, which indicated what tasks needs to be done within that period of time. If one follows the plan according to the planned time it will finish within 20 minutes! Also they have provided their information regarding social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and their email where people can upload what they made by following the program plan. I think it is a good as it might help the maker get feedbacks and motivate them to carry on further with other plans! They have different program plans which are scientific, creative, artistic, and informative. I would surely recommend anyone to go through “The Edge” website and check it out.

      I found most of the program plans in The Edge’s website are focused on children. Which is in fact good I think, because if children are involved in such activities their learning curve rises up rapidly as they grow up. According to Raikes et al., (2006),”Recent literature has posited shared reading as a chain of events whereby positive early literacy experiences stimulate a cumulative affinity for language and reading development”. Usually parents when take their children to such programs, or even if they create an environment in their home which will allow the parent and children to work together to accomplish any of such activities it will impart a positive effect on children. Henderson & Berla, (1994) Says, “Long standing research indicates that parental involvement in children’s education leads to student achievement and improvement in educational attitudes.”

      Last but not the least, I say it is very important for any children to get involved in such activities. Everything that is available in The Edge’s website is praiseworthy, however, I think it would have been much better if they also had some programs for aged people. There still are lots of people who are ‘left-behind’ in terms of digital literacy, and technology uses! What is your view about accommodating senior age-group peoples with different program plans which they can also follow in their home environment and learn new things?

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      Peldon P

      Very interesting read Saurav, I’d check out the Edge program for two reasons 1) to help understand our A3 program 2) to try out the maker program at home for my son. I have so intrigued by the makerspaces that I would like to take my son again to one of the libraries offering the program during the summer break.

      I am sure you asked Steve and me to check the Edge site for A2 this time I am going to have a look. Cheers 😉

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        Saurav Khadka

        Thank you Peldon, I strongly recommend you and your son to be involved in such programs. They will help improving child’s learning process and make them smart 🙂


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      Deborah Fuller

      Very interesting post Saurav. I agree it’s good that they’re aiming these programs at children, as it is important children experience new things in order to develop to their full potential. Hopefully they are aiming them at girls as well as boys, as I recall from a previous post about the EDGE, that it was felt to be very male dominated.

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      Steven Walker

      A very interesting read as it is important children experience new things in order to develop to their full potentialThis is awesome review of the discussion, Great post, thank you!

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      Steven Walker

      as it is important children experience new things in order to develop to their full potential

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