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      Natalie Anderson

      For this week’s topic, we covered ‘Reference’, in which I will reflect on that in the context of ‘service review’.

      I often use the services of SLQ, in particular the John Oxley library. I consider myself a ‘traditionalist’, that being, someone who likes to use the ‘in person’ format. Coming from a History background, most of the resources I relied on were primary sources and required Librarians/Archivists to retrieve the documents/books from the collections or repository. Sometimes when there was limited results for my searches, I would often use the ‘online query form provided’ (if I was at home), or ask the Reference Librarian for help. When not knowing what words or phrases to use, especially when dealing with older content, I often hoped the librarian would help to ‘fill the gaps’ that I may have overlooked.

      Kate questioned if we are, “hanging on to remnants of the way things used to be when it’s time we let those go?” Interesting, for me as someone who likes to draw from/hang onto traditions and history, I do like the presence of the reference staff – I just do not like the title, it somehow seems limiting. Furthermore, after reading Saunders, the role of the reference librarian is indeed diversifying and expanding, which may deem ‘reference’ redundant. Saunder’s discussed, ‘Collaboration’ (pg. 5) in the academic sector. A truly enticing prospect for myself, as I would love the opportunity to work closely with academic researchers. Also, academic libraries now have more involvement in publishing and distributing, and I am sure a lot more variety of tasks into the future.

      On my recent trip to SLQ, I visited level 3 rather than my usual haunt. The librarian at the desk, looked up and smiled, which made me feel welcome. Taking my own laptop in, I set and get comfortable. I use the SLQ website to login to do a search but my library card password is now not working. Walking over to the help desk, the same staff member immediately asks how she can help. She tries to figure out what is happening with my card, and comes to the conclusion it has expired. I tell her what I am trying to find books about, so she gets on the computer and conducts a search for me. While I retrieve the books, the staff member gets my new SLQ card ready. It seems quite audacious to me to ‘review’ a service. Who am I to judge? In the end what I wanted was quite simple, yet the customer service that was given to me, exceeded expectations. Nothing was a problem for the staff member, she seemed happy to help. I cannot point out any negatives, perhaps if I had was in need of something from the repository, or there were less staff members present the service may have been different. The positives, welcoming and efficient service.

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      Clare Thorpe


      You’ve listed this as your service review but you haven’t actually gone and reviewed a service as per the assignment brief. I’m happy for you to change this to your issues reflection blog instead. Please read the brief again so that where you need to undertake a review or “field study” you do that (you need to do that for the program review piece as well).


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