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      Shannon Franzway

      Hi everyone, I’m Shannon. This is my 6th subject in the MIT (LIS) course, my official halfway point is the end of this semester and I will be rather proud of myself!  I’m studying externally in a very slow fashion – I started in 2013 and according to my study plan, I will plod along until 2017.  Whilst it would be nice to finish faster, I have 2 little ladies (aged 4 and 1, one of whom is currently sleeping in my lap) who keep me out of mischief and I work part time and I have a partner and I have plenty of friends and extended family that I always think it would be nice to see more of.

      I completed my undergrad degree in Business at QUT at a time when standard computing subjects required DOS commands.  I travelled and lived overseas for a number of years before coming back home to get a “real” job, spending the next 10 years in marketing and communications roles.  My jobs have been pretty technology/digital focused and so my interest in the information profession sits pretty squarely with technology and how this impacts the management of the ever-growing amounts of information and data in our lives.  I have an interest in academic and special libraries but keeping a pretty close eye on corporate information roles that are currently developing.  Maybe my ideal job doesn’t exist yet?!?!?

      Superpower?  I have an uncanny knack for recalling entirely useless, but often entertaining, tidbits of information.  Or perhaps the entertainment is in the telling?  Anyway, I love storytelling, both listening and doing.  My favourite part of being a parent is reading books to my kids and I hope to instil my love of books in them, not just for relaxation and entertainment but always searching for knowledge and learning.

      My aspirational superpower?  Better short term memory.  Sleep deprivation plus working plus studying makes me feel a bit overloaded at times – I can go to the shop to buy milk and bread and manage to come back without the milk because I forgot to buy it.  Hhhhhmmm.

      I am looking forward to working with you all this semester!

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      Jill Byrne

      Hi Shannon I’m with you with the forget the milk part! I also have a little lady who is now getting big, she’s 6, so I can’t use the baby brain excuse but it’s still happening. Must be sleep deprivation! Well done on getting half way.

      See you online in the class.


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      Ruth McConchie

      I agree with your idea that maybe your ideal job doesn’t exist yet. Also hurrah for plodding 😀

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      Michele Smith

      Nice to meet you, Shannon.  I started this year, studying part-time, external as well, and can’t wait to be half way!  I have kids and a job too, and do feel overloaded / overwhelmed at times when also trying to combine study. I totally remember the short-term memory loss when I had babies, too.

      See you online 🙂

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      Kate Davis

      Shannon I can’t believe she’s 1 already! It feels like yesterday that you were getting ready for her arrival.

      Nice to ‘see’ you again!

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