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      Rebecca Randall

      Hi all, my name is Rebecca. I go by Bec in class, Girl in the Fox Hat if you’re online. Currently up to my 2nd semester of the course, and ATM I’m taking on a full course load (though I’m not sure why). I’m also on the look out for new opportunities. Right now my trajectory for my career is being planned in the tertiary library system, or for a archive like the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra.
      My superpower that I think I have is the uncanny ability to find things…as long as I’ve seen them at least once before. I have a great visual memory, particularly for films. But if people ask me for a product that’s in stock I can usually track it down.
      Mum and I joked about our “super hero names” when she helped me move house in June. Apparently she’s Impatient Woman and I’m Procrastination Girl. I can’t really deny that, haha. I like to do things a particular way, and I like to do things carefully and precisely. So frequently I will ask mum to “hold on a tick” while I get my ducks in a row…then mum will usually blunder off without me and just do it her way, and I’ll be running along behind going “HANGONHANGONHANGON”.
      Leena was talking about being able to fly before. Not going to lie, I’d love to do that. Can’t decide if I’d have wings or fly superman style.

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      Saurav Khadka

      Having wings looks awkward, better do it superman style 😛 haha

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      Kate Davis

      Let’s call you Careful and Deliberate Girl, rather than Procrastination Girl. Glass half full!

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      Lisa Schofeld

      I’m a procrastinator too lol It frustrates me especially when i know I’m doing it but don’t seem to stop myself. (I’m the knitting lady from IFN617) 🙂 I like you fox hat.

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      Michele Smith

      Your post made me laugh. Love the way you and your mum work together. Imagine if you were both procrastinators: maybe you wouldn’t be finished moving yet! 🙂

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      Leena Riethmuller

      Bec, I have been thinking about wings Vs superman style. I think I would go with superman style because there are no bulky wings to hide. Although, wings are so beautiful! It’s a tough one.

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      Howdy howdy Bec! I would love to have wings – I think the feeling of spreading them and lifting into the air would be magnificent!

      Procrastinators of the world unite! Later ….. 🙂

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