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      Peldon P

      Who you are

      My name is Peldon and I’m an international studen

      Where you’re up to in the course

      I’m in my last semester of MIT (adv) (IM) which means you won’t see me in QUT next year 😉

      What kind of library or information organisation you see yourself working in when you graduate

      By profession I am in system administrator. When I first applied for this major (IM), I didn’t know it is mostly about libraries. I assumed it is about databases and stuffs so I applied but no regrets. I’m working as a System Administrator in a major bank in Bhutan. Therefore, upon the completion of my course, I will be resuming my work (take up from where I left off)!

      What do you think your superpower is? What are you really good at?

      I am a very organized and neat person but my superpower I must say is my luck. I seem to be very lucky; things always happen as I wanted i.e. circumstances favor me mostly.

      What would people who know you say your superpower is? Would it be something different than what you think your superpower is? Do you think it’s a superpower you actually possess?

      My sister used to tell me if I finished a week’s work in one day, my life will shorten my life will be shortened by that period. When I do things, I really mean to do it well but ever since the birth of my son I am losing the grip on my superpower, I can’t manage to juggle very well between my toddler, studies and work. And I don’t think my superpower is natural, it is just something I had to do to survive in the competitive environment. Anybody can possess that.

      What would you like your superpower to be, if you could choose one?

      I am very fascinated by time travel novels and movies. If God granted me one superpower I would want to time travel to England in 15-18th century during the times of Duke, duchess, earl and count etc. I like reading about British aristocracy.

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      Kate Davis

      Ah Peldon! I’ve always admired your ability to juggle your studies with work and managing a toddler.

      I love historical fiction too. Have you read all the Philippa Gregory novels? I recently binge-watched all the seasons of Mary, a TV series about Mary Queen of Scots, and it reminded me of how much I love reading books about this era.

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        Peldon P

        @Kate no I have not read Phillppa Gregory novels but I’d definitely do so if you recommend them. As it happens I am not finding anything good to read these days. Yes, I watched some BBC Documentaries about Mary Queen of Scots, actually I was watching Queen Elizabeth 1 and she was mentioned frequently. Thank you.

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      Stacey Larner

      Toddlers are enormous time-wasters ;). It sounds like you do well in any case!

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        Peldon P

        @Stacey haha yeah I agree I go crazy most of the time but he’s a sweet boy and my husband shares the workload in our personal space so it helps a lot. Thanks 🙂

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