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      Leena Riethmuller

      I identified that Belinda is an extremely capable student and what she most needs is to build confidence in her own ability to do things. From what Belinda describes, it sounds like the library and student services were pretty unhelpful in addressing her study concerns. This is why my solution involved looking for support outside of what the university offers.
      Belinda appears to find technology somewhat frustrating, so I think she would feel more confident with a human source of information. Belinda could find a tutor who has done the same or a similar course to what she is currently doing. A tutor could address Belinda’s needs regarding assessment and research as well as offer her any technical support she might need. A tutor’s role is not to do the work, but to enable the student to complete the work themselves. They do this by helping the student understand the course content, assignment criteria and structure. They can also assist with technology woes. A tutor can be flexible with their time and fit into Belinda’s busy schedule. It is very likely that Belinda will not need a tutor for too long but until then, a tutor could be her academic safety net.

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      Katherine Lee

      Leena I love your idea about finding a tutor! I think this would be a great way for Belinda to receive one-on-one help with the specific problems she is facing. It would provide a safe space outside home and the university where Belinda could feel comfortable talking through ideas and things she is finding challenging in her university courses. I think the flexibility that this kind of program offers is perfect for students like Belinda who have to juggle multiple commitments. Perhaps the program could even be incorporated into universities. Maybe the library or student services could match students up with tutors 🙂

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      Sarah Ross

      The idea of a tutor is comforting and I now have a “mentor” provided by QUT – not quite the same but great if you are online and cannot actually meet fellow students face to face.  I love the idea of the academic safety net.  My question is that as a single mother she may find it difficult pay for a tutor?

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