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Kate McKelliget

Hi Katherine! Thanks for reading my post – especially at a point when it wasn’t proof read yet! When I decided to do a service review this week, I knew that, because of my timetable, I would have to review an online service. Instead of searching through libraries’ websites for YA RA, I searched for YA RA in general. I would say that a lot of the literature and web content was all American. Yes, it seems that Americans are really on the ball RE: teens in their libraries. Like you say, they create so many different ways to meet the users of teens. Volunteering is one that I had never come across in my experience as a teen in Australia. Although I volunteer at a library now as a LIS student, I never knew of any opportunities to volunteer at my public library as a teen. And yes, things like advisory boards, which seem very common sense, were unknown to me before researching for this review. I think it would be great to see public libraries do more of this, or , if they already are (which Im sure many are), to make them more known to the public. I would like to do more reading about how well such programs/services are working for public libraries.¬†¬†Will pop by your post to check it out soon!