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Deborah Fuller

It was interesting to read your review of the program you attended Chris. Whilst researching my post, I was initially impressed with the number of classes the libraries offered, but didn’t really register that there was nothing on basic computer use. I also found when I was booking in for my program, it took me at least 10 phone calls to 2 different libraries before my call was answered, and if I hadn’t been required to attend a program, I would have given up. I also don’t think the classes are advertised well to those who might need them. I have only seenĀ  them in the booklets in the library or online, which would limit them to library attendeesĀ or people specifically looking online (i.e. with some degree of information literacy). I don’t know what the answer is to getting these classes out to people who need them is but I do feel that the digital divide is widening.