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Caitlin .

Hi Kate,

I agree with Stacey your tutorials sound beneficial and not something I have ever encountered before. I too have sometimes struggled with searching a full citation I know is within a libraries holdings and not coming up with the desired result. I would definitely like to learn how to fish a little smarter if only to save time. Perhaps though its not just the divide between the academic and librarian that causes issues but also the inability to attract students who require help. Whether this is due to the dispersal of the student population with distance study or the fear of wasting someones time discussed in a previous forum I am unsure however many readings discuss how hard it is to connect students with the service. A key component in the move to online reference services. Perhaps the idea of tracking results and the use of effective reference services in Verma may go someway to solving both issues. If it can be demonstrated to both academics and students that those who make use of reference services perform better than relationships can be improved and traffic increased. The collection of such data in a meaningful way would be a whole other issue however.