Your personal forums are go! Plus detailed schedule

I’ve set up your personal forums so you can start posting your activities whenever you’re ready.

Go to Forums > Student forums and then look for your name.

I named the forums based on the name and username you used to register for the site, so you may find your forum listed under your full first name or the name you go by, depending on what you signed up with.

If you have any difficulty finding your forum, please give me a shout.

You should post each activity in your personal forum as a new topic.

Treat your personal forum as if it is a blog. Give each post a title, use the functionality the tool offers (hyperlinks, images, embedded video etc), and tag your post with keywords, including the week number and topic.

After you make your posts, you are welcome to edit them right up til we mark them. That means you can edit posts from Week 3, 5 and 7 right up til the end of Week 8, and posts from Week 9, 11 and 13 right up til the end of Week 14.

I’ve also added extra detail to the unit schedule, including information on the date that each activity is due. I hope this helps you with managing your time and keeping track of assessment.


  • Peldon P Reply

    Yes found that Kate, thanks. Regarding references, are we only using hyperlink to point to the source? I’m still not sure about referencing online. Thanks.

    P.s. did I also read that the 1st deliverable is extended by a week meaning it’s due by the end of week-4?

  • Jenny Reply

    Hi Kate

    I’ve had a look at the class forum list to see if anything has been published yet. I noticed there are 2 Jennifers on the the list but to my knowledge and according to the class list on virtual, I am the only Jennifer in the class. My initials are also JC.

    Is there a kink in the system or is there another Jennifer in the class and I am Jennifer C on the forum list?

    P.S. If there is another Jennifer in the class I am sorry for thinking I the only one. So to other Jennifer I say, hI and awesome name 🙂

    • Jennifer Cotton Reply

      Hi Kate again. I used a mobile device to write my previous question about which Jennifer I am but I’ve realized I wasn’t logged in to my account. So I thought I’d reply to my comment in case you needed to know who I am.


      • Kate Davis Reply

        Ah, ok. It looks like you’ve commented on a post without logging in which has generated a second account. Am I right in thinking you don’t want to use the the account that has a username that is your student number? If so, I’ll delete that user.

        Also, I’ve noticed your email address is incorrect on both usernames. I will change them both to your correct address now, but you should double check your QUT email address. The format is If you copy it out of your email account it will pull a different version of the address out. This means you probably won’t be getting notifications.

        I’ll confirm your login info via email now.

    • Kate Davis Reply

      BTW it’s just you – but you had two accounts. I’ll delete one of the forums now.

  • Caitlin R Reply

    Does the editing effect the bonus points? eg If i post by the end of week 4 for the 2 bonus points then edit in week 6 will I lose them. Hope this makes sens Caitlin

    • Saurav Khadka Reply

      point to be noted 😀

    • Kate Davis Reply

      Nope, I’m very happy for you to edit after you post without any impact on your mark. The idea with the the bonus marks is to encourage timely posts so we can have good discussions. I’m interested in getting ideas out quickly to generate discussion, rather than having perfect posts. So edit away!

  • Caitlin . Reply

    Excellent sounds great. I like the idea of posting when ideas are fresh an editing if necessary. Off to a Gymnastics comp and interviews in Sydney for my eldest admission in to UNI, So may not work so great this week but will definitely try and post weekly in the remainder.

  • Steven Walker Reply

    my name isnt in the list.. morpheuss17 is my alias but u can call it steve also looking for the quizzes..cant find

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