Assignment 1 poll: results are in!

The Assignment 1 poll has closed and the results are in! Here’s your verdict on the questions I asked related to Assignment 1.

Checkpoint 1

37% of respondents wanted to submit the first batch of activities for marking at the end of Week 8 and a further 33% didn’t mind when the submission date fell.

Verdict: Checkpoint 1 will be the end of Week 8.


40% of you really, really didn’t want to debate, while 23% of you really wanted to do it. The rest didn’t mind.

Verdict: I’ve killed debating and replaced it with an activity that requires you to argue a point.

Sliding marks for submission dates

50% of you liked the sliding marks for submission dates and only 7% of you didn’t like it. Everyone else didn’t mind.

Verdict: Sliding marks stay.

Weighting of A1

93% of respondents wanted A1 to be worth 50% of your mark in the unit.

Verdict: A1 will be worth 50% of your mark in the unit. (If you voted against this and you’re really unhappy about the outcome, please email me.)


Nobody wanted any changes to the criteria.

So that’s it! A1 is locked in and the assignment page has been updated. I was also asked about how to print the assignment requirements, so I have created a printer friendly version.


  • Jill Byrne Reply

    Thank you for the print friendly version \(-_-)/

    • Kate Davis Reply

      No probs!

  • Michalina Lisik Reply

    Really happy with the weighting of assessment 1. Seems a lot more fair 🙂

    • Kate Davis Reply

      I think so too 🙂

  • Saurav Khadka Reply

    totally happy with the consequences of poll 😀

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