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      Jill Byrne


      I’m Jill. I’m in my second semester but due to some unforeseen circumstances in first semester, I had to defer and I’m now back to the course this semester.

      After graduation, realistically I’d love to work in a school, public library or university library, focusing on children’s literacy, special needs or early childhood. In saying that though, after last semester I feel there are so many more avenues this course can open up and I’m open to any possibilities presented and I hope I can traverse through a few different areas in this industry.


      My superpower would be connecting with children. I enjoy and envy their innate and still innocent abilities to problem solve, be creative, inquire, explore, discover and interact with people of all ages and abilities.

      I think people who know me would say that I’m willing to help others sometimes to the detriment of myself or situation. I think it does also fit somewhat with what I think my superpower is, as children require help and guidance and I’m more than happy to do that and would prioritise it.

      If I could choose a superpower I would love to have a natural creative talent that I could turn into a soul fulfilling and successful business!


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      Michele Smith

      Welcome back to the course, Jill.  I get to do a fair bit of work with kids as a speech pathologist, and it is really important to connect with them to get the best out of them. I am sure you would have made a good speechie if you had gone down that path.

      See you online.

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      Kate Davis

      Welcome back Jill!

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      Stacey Larner

      You know creative success is mostly persistence? 😉 I credit sheer stubbornness for my slowly-growing (baby steps!) writing success (that and a willingness to take criticism and learn). No one is naturally brilliant (ok, most people aren’t), if there is a seed it won’t grow unless you nurture it. And I think everyone has a seed for creative arts.

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      Jill Byrne

      Thanks guys. That’s true Stacey. I remember at school being so scared to create and express originality incase I was ‘wrong’. I like that social media gives us sometimes the anonimity and access to outlets and programs to try connect with creative desires and the critical feedback and assurance isn’t so ‘close’. And of course, to consume as much creative inspiration as we can! I can certainly persist with this! 🙂


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      Stacey Larner



      hehehe 😉

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      Will Wood

      Hi Jill!

      I just went back through my forum and saw that you had commented on my intro post so I wanted to do the same.

      I think children are fascinating and hope to have some of my own one day when I am more financially secure and have pursued a few of my own interests before they tie me down with responsibility and adorableness.

      A creative talent that could make a profitable business is a great superpower! Like the ability to knit highly sought after jackets at lightning speed! Etsy knitters wouldn’t stand a chance. 😉

      Also I wanted to say that when I read this in your reply to Stacey:

      I remember at school being so scared to create and express originality incase I was ‘wrong’.

      It took me right back to school where I never put up my hand because of that very same fear only to have other kids say the answer that I had in my head anyway. Crippling. Still a little bit of a hang up of mine to this day. Who stays pretty quiet in lectures? This guy does.

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