Everything you need to know about Assignment 1 (including how to get a 7)

If you haven’t already been there, I recommend you head to the Assignment 1 page and have a good read through of the requirements.

You should also visit the Week 2 page and make sure you respond to the A1 survey. You also have the opportunity to provide feedback on the assignment criteria via the survey. You need to respond to the survey by midnight Sunday 2 August.

I covered the assignment in detail in our first class, so you should also watch the recording (at time of posting, the recording is 50% of the way through uploading and will be available late on Wednesday 28 July).

In addition to the assignment brief, criteria sheet and overview in class, I’ve also prepared a whole bunch of content to help you with the assignment. These resources cover

  • what reflective writing is (and isn’t)
  • tips for getting started with reflective writing and for honing your skills
  • 6 tips for writing HD-worthy critical reflection posts – a checklist of things you should check for before you hit publish
  • a workflow for constructing critical reflection posts – essentially, a how to guide that takes you from reflection prompt to finished post
  • an introduction to Bloom’s taxonomy critical question prompts to help you build a solid foundation for your critical reflection

These posts are all accessible from the sidebar on the Assignment 1 page.

Happy writing!


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