Week 12: Children and teens

What’s on in Week 12

Twitter chat

When Monday 12 October, 6pm – 7pm
Topic Children and teens
Twitter Chat Champions This week’s Twitter Chat Champions are:

  • Rachel
  • Saurav
  • Tracey
Hashtag #ifn614kidschat
  1. What’s the problem with unattended kids in the library? And what do we do about it?
  2. Kids and privacy. What is our responsibility to kids? To parents?
  3. What memories do you have as a child or teen using the library, or if you’re a parent, of your kids using the library?
  4. What is the point of school holiday programs? Free entertainment?
  5. Share about some interesting programs, products or service for teens & kids that you’ve discovered this semester.
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New to Twitter chats? Check out the post on participating in a Twitter chat.


When Monday 12 October, 7.15pm – 8pm
Where Online in the fancy new Blackboard Collaborate

Because I’m perpetually whinging about problems with online classroom tools, eLearning Services have given me access to the new Collaborate, which isn’t yet available at QUT. I want to put this through its paces to make sure it’s going to work for us, so I thought we could give it a bash in our last couple of classes. It runs on Flash, in your web browser, just like Adobe Connect, so you don’t need Java or the Collaborate Launcher. The only issue with using this version is it does not work with the Collaborate app on mobile, and doesn’t work in-browser on iOS devices because they don’t support Flash. If this is going to be a problem for anyone, please let me know.

Topic Assignment 3
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Things to read and watch


Chapter 7: Issues in children’s library services in Peck, P. (2014). Crash Course in Children’s Services (2nd Edition). Oxford, GBR: Libraries Unlimited, pp. 88-103.

Chapter 6: Programming in Peck, P. (2014). Crash Course in Children’s Services (2nd Edition). Oxford, GBR: Libraries Unlimited, pp. 68-87.

Dalgetty, C. (2012). Teen rights in the public library. Feliciter, 58(2), 76-77.

Chapter 7: Urban teens and their use of public libraries in Agosto, D. E., and Hughes-Hassell, S. (2010). Urban Teens in the Library : Research and Practice. Chicago, IL, USA: ALA Editions.

Things to do

assessment-iconWeek 12 learning activity post

You need to complete your Week 11 learning activity. You can complete any of the six activity types that are included in Assignment 1 but remember you need to complete one of each type of activity over the course of the semester.

Marks for submission date

Remember, there are additional marks for submitting this activity within particular time periods. The breakdown is:

  • Submit by the end of the nominated week: 2 additional marks
  • Submit by the end of the following week: 1 additional mark
  • Submit after the end of the following week but before the next check point: 0 additional marks

Argue a point of view

If you’re doing the ‘argue a point of view’ topic this week, you can choose from one of the following topics (argue for or against the statement). Please note I may not agree with all of these!

  • Quiet in the library! Parents should keep their kids under control in the library because libraries should be quiet spaces.
  • What about working parents? Public libraries should run programs on weekends and in the evening to allow parents who work to bring their kids to programs.
  • Libraries should not allow unaccompanied kids to stay in the library.
  • Gaming has no place in the library.

Alternatively, you can pick your own topic.