Week 10: A bit of a mish mash week

What’s on in Week 10

Kate’s availability

Please note Kate is on leave from 26 September to 5 October inclusive. This means she will not be available to answer questions about the assignment over the weekend.


When Monday 21 September, 5.45pm* til 7.45pm
Where On campus: S305 Gardens Point and online in Adobe Connect
What  We’ll be focusing on your ideas and developing proposals for A2 and A3. Please come prepared to talk about your assignment.
Can’t make it to class? A recording will be available after class.

* The class in the room immediately before us always runs til 5.30pm so I’m pushing our start time back to 5.45pm for the remainder of the semester so I have time to set up.

Class recording

Things to read this week

learning-materials-iconThere’s only one reading for this week as you should all be concentrating on your assignments (and it’s not critical that you read it for this week – you’ll just need to read it eventually to complete the quiz).

Chapter 17: Assessment in Evans, G.; Saponaro, Margaret; Christie, Holland; Sinwell, Carol (2015). Library Programs and Services: The Fundamentals, 8th Edition.

Things to do

assessment-iconWeek 10 quiz

Complete this week’s quiz on GoSoapBox. You’ll need to enter in the access code, which is: 478-443-991

Please make sure you enter your full name so we can award you the marks.

Some of this week’s questions are multiple choice. Answer options are on GoSoapBox. Questions are based on the reading.

  1. Parent organization administrators, federal, state, and local governmental authorities, users, and the general public are demanding that libraries are accountable for the money they spend. To use a business term, library stakeholders now want:
  2. What would you use to assess your library against quality services provided by another library?
  3. Focus groups are frequently used in conjunction with ______ to gather both qualitative and quantitative data about an issue.
  4. If, instead of using Standardized Assessment Instruments, a library is making their own assessment, it needs to be checked for:
  5. If you wanted quantitative data on user practices you might use:

The quiz must be completed by the second check point (end of Week 14).

Please note you’ll get an alert that your quiz is ungraded. You can ignore this. We’re manually marking your quizzes.

Assignment 2 due this week

Assignment 2 is due at 11.59pm, Sunday 27 September. Submission details are on the Assignment 2 and 3 page.