Week 1: Welcome and introduction


Missed the class? Watch the recording below. You’ll need to log in with your QUT username and password.

Things to do in Week 1

Unit site

  1. Sign up for an account on the unit site. Note you must use your QUT email address.
  2. Populate your profile. You can find it by clicking on Me in the main navigation of the site. Once you get to your profile, you can edit it by clicking on the cog.
    Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 6.56.15 PM

    • Add a
      • Cover photo
      • Profile pic – this doesn’t have to be you, but you do have to put up a pic so everyone can identify you easily around the community. Cats, coffee cups, favourite literary heroines… It can be anything!
    • Work through all the profile fields and populate them. You don’t have to share all of your social media profiles if you’d prefer not to. You’ll notice, for example, that I haven’t shared a link to my Facebook profile.
  3. Introduce yourself in the introductions forum. Start a new topic to add your intro.
  4. Work your way through the site and read through key information.
  5. Subscribe to the teaching team blog by email or RSS.
  6. Read through the assignment information and make a note of any questions you’d like to ask in class in Week 2.


Get started with Twitter!

We’ll be holding Twitter chats roughly every second week during the semester. Get ready by working though the following steps.

  1. New to Twitter? Create an account. Don’t want to create a Twitter account? I’d really like you to reconsider… Please read my thoughts on this.
  2. Take a look at Kate’s Getting start with Twitter guide on Storify.
  3. Follow Kate and Clare on Twitter.
  4. Tweet Kate (tip: just stick @katiedavis in the tweet) with hashtag #ifn614 and Kate will add you to the class Twitter list.
  5. Follow your peers. Either follow the class Twitter list or use the list to find your peers and follow them individually. To do the latter, click on each person’s handle or photo to go to their profile.


Here are a few things for you to think about.

Marks breakdown

Would you like to shift the percentages a little to reduce the marks associated with A3 and increase marks for A1?

  • Current:
    • Assignment 1: Learning journal – 40%
    • Assignment 2: Expression of interest (feeds into Assignment 3: Grant application) – 10%
    • Assignment 3: Grant application – 50%
  • Proposed:
    • Assignment 1: Learning journal – 50%
    • Assignment 2: Expression of interest (feeds into Assignment 3: Grant application) – 10%
    • Assignment 3: Grant application – 40%

Due date for first batch of learning journal entries

When would you like to have your first batch of learning journal entries marked? This was scheduled to be due at mid-semester, but mid-semester is crazily late, so I’d like to give you the option of choosing a more appropriate mid-point. What fits in well with your assessment schedule in other units?

Think about timing of weekly activities

Some of the weekly activities will be more substantial than others. Take a look at your schedule and make note of some weeks where you think you’ll have less on your plate (at home, work and uni). In Week 2, you’ll be asked to nominate a week for completing certain activities, so make sure you have some idea of when your peaks and troughs will be.