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      Saurav Khadka

      Hello all lovely peoples out there. I am Saurav Khadka. (yeah that’s my real name and my own photo in the display 😀 ) To say something about my studies, I did my undergraduate in ‘Information Management’ lets see how much difference I will find in this unit and my undergraduate, and this is my last semester of my MIT.


      My superpower is I am a music lover, I play various musical instruments, love to cook, adventurous, friendly and outgoing  person (LOL so many superpowers 😛 😛 ). Besides, people who know me says that I am very helpful (though I am shy at the beginning when talking to a person new to me 😛 ), also, people say I am a wonderful person to be with. Well, I believe it is a kind of superpower to make other feel better by doing something, or just being with them, listening and supporting them. 🙂


      I feel happy when I can do something good for other people (may sound weird), so if I have a choice to make, I can say is being yourself is the superpower I like to have (which I sometimes cannot be 😛 )


      Well, that should be enough for now, ( I wish I could write more…. :P, nope, just kidding).  I have seen some of the peoples in this unit from Emerging technologies last semester. I am sure that this semester and this unit will be as awesome as the last one.



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      Kate Davis

      Being yourself is an underrated superpower. I like it!

      Welcome to the unit!

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