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      Jennifer Cotton

      Last week my 3 year old nephew arrived at my doorstep. After informing me he didn’t like apples while he happily drank his apple juice, we headed to the local library to attend Storytime. Storytime aims to ignite children’s love affair with literacy and books. Nursery Rhymes are sung and actioned. At its conclusion many children, including my nephew, borrowed items from the library and left with smiling faces. It was another happy ending to a remarkable program.

      Though Storytime was full of stories and fun, research has suggested programs such as these can have a positive effect on children and their development. Not only does Storytime introduce children to a world of literacy, the program also boosts their social skills and can be an invaluable tool for parents to bond with their child.

      This baby knows what’s good for him

      Storytime was held in the children’s section of the library. This section is vibrant and opened and furnished with child sized tables and chairs as well as adult sized couches providing a comfortable and invaluable learning space.

      The library technician arrived and the Storytime began. The session began with a welcoming song and the theme for the day was revealed. It was trucks. My nephew (who has spent hours watching videos of garbage trucks picking up their loads) leapt for joy.

      In total 4 picture books relating to the day’s theme were read and 3 songs were sung, all with actions. Undoubtedly, the most popular song among the children was ‘Heads and Shoulders.’ The technician was enthusiastic and read with a clear load voice. She was also friendly but firm with the children, politely telling the children who stood up for a closer look at the books to sit on their bottoms so others can see.

      My nephew loved the sound effects the technician made as she read the book but appeared to be happier seeing other children respond positively to the story telling. The fun and games brought out my inner child and I had a blast performing the actions with my nephew.

      Storytime was fun for the parents attending with many performing the song’s actions with their children. The session also provided a quiet time where parents can sit and hug their children while listening to a story. Storytime also provided subliminal learning for the adults. The technician demonstrated to the parents how to read to children and keep them interested.

      After the final song a colour-on activity was handed out. The library has a rewards system when after completing the activity, the children will be given a sticker. If a child collects 12 stickers they win a prize pack and are presented with a certificate. The only tears of the day were when a little boy took the crayon a little girl wanted.

      Storytime is a fun, easy and cheap way to introduce a child to literature and allows for parent-child bonding. Personally, the session took me on trip down memory lane and I learnt what songs my nephew knows and likes to sing. We now have regular sing and dance alongs. Surely there isn’t anything wrong with a 30 year old rocking out to ‘The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round?’

      Storytime is a wonderful program to begin a child’s life of learning.


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      Stacey Larner

      I totally get the apples and apple juice thing. I hate pineapple but love pineapple juice ;). It’s a texture thing!

      If you want to strip the tags out of your post, select edit and up in the top right corner of the edit window you’ll see “visual” and “text”. Go into “text” and take out the tags you want to get rid of.

      So you would recommend StoryTime then? I must admit I always felt too self-conscious to go with my kids >_<

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      Jennifer Cotton

      Thanks you very much Stacey for showing me that 🙂 It looks a LOT better now. I would recommend Storytime. It kept my nephew quiet and occupied for awhile, and it is a good way to introduce him to the library.Don’t be self-conscious about going with your kids. Everyone there is just the same 🙂

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      Chris Sonneveld

      Hi Jennifer

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. I must say I have to whenever I’m in the library they’re holding story time I have to turn up my music or on the rare occasion have to leave until story time is over because the kids are so happy to have their time in the library. In no way am I annoyed at this, as I think it’s a fantastic for young children to have an opportunity to interact with others and bond with their parents while at the same time experiencing what their local library has to offer. Encouraging reading and imagination at an early age can only be positive to the development of any child.

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      Kate McKelliget

      Hi Jennifer! I really enjoyed reading it to your post. I also wrote a program review on a children’s storytime. It was interesting to compare your experience with mine. It seems that the storytime you attended was much more traditional than the one I attended. However, they both seem to have the same foundations. It’s interesting how different programs can be, although providing the same benefits! Glad to hear you and your nephew had an enjoyable time!

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      Shannon Franzway

      I am a big fan of story time at the library – I share myself (oh, and I take 2 little people with me!) around to a few libraries so they don’t get too sick of my offkey singing 😉  The last session I went to was lead by an Italian librarian who shared 2 nursery rhymes in Italian – Incy Wincy Ragno (spider) and Brilla brilla una stellina (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).  The confusion on their little faces was quite priceless – such a familiar tune but not the “right” words!  I quite liked the addition of the multicultural component – it turns out the library has a specific multicultural story time every month.  Who knew there was so much good stuff going on at the local library 🙂

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      Shannon Franzway

      By the way, I found the “learning for adults” link expired – might want to recheck!!

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