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      Saurav Khadka

      Hi all, so we are almost towards the end of semester J wohooo! This week I am writing my post on Twitter Chat Champion, based on our week’s topic “Children and Teens”. Saying something about twitter chat class is a good concept actually, all the chat members actively participate, it is a new way of learning while having fun at the same time. I remember first day when I attended the twitter chat on week 3. I sometimes forgot to have #tags, and my tweet were not shown in chat, character limits, and lots of other difficulty. However, this week I was one of the chat champion and things went much better than ever.

      Speaking of children in library, they are someone who can’t be left unattended, they need supervision every time. Like Ruth said, “Supervision is required for younger kids but that’s not the librarian’s role” which is true as well, librarians already have heaps of things to look after! Also the most effective and convenient way for a librarian as said by Luke, “our procedure is to call the police if no parent or guardian arrives to collect a child at closing” to which we all agree! Whereas, for teens it’s different, unlike children they do not need supervision on their every action. Sometimes, they may need guidance in choosing appropriate books, or any library programs but usually is less troublesome compared to children! Also Jesse says “I don’t really recall being “attended” in the library after around primary-school age, at @InverellLibrary

      Despite the attendance towards children or teens we also can talk about privacy to both of these types, Rachel says “I think kids absolutely have a right to privacy” to which I agree too. Everyone has their right to privacy despite the age they are, privacy changes with age. According to Paola, “Good point, as adults we understand and demand privacy, but for kids…difficult to understand what is in place” privacy means different to different age group.

      Similarly, on twitter chat we also talked about previous experience of everyone they had as a child or teen using the library. Jenny says, “I remember playing chase with my sister around the book shelves & the nasty glares we got :)”, Deborah “Loved the library: rooms full of books (that’s all they had then)” It was good to know how library was then and how it has changed now with change in technology and time.

      At the end, we shared our knowledge about library program which are really good and informative for kids and teens that we encountered in this semester. I would like to suggest programs that “The Edge” have. They were really good, informative, simple and clear. Likewise, Ruth pointed out, “Film competitions for 15-25 yo at City of Melbourne Library”, Tracey “Ashgrove Literature Festival was a great program”,  Stacey “Ipswich had some cool ones re: designing for the 3d Printer then printing them.” In this way we came to know about lots of programs that we can refer to our friends, relatives and all other who is looking forward for something like this!

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