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      In this week I will be talking about Barbican library service for children’s and teens. The Barbican library is located in city of London. I do know that library is far of for us to go and experience it personally, but while searching online this particular Centre made me interested to look more into it and at last I felt it is an interesting information Centre and I should write about it.

      The right of child convention by the United Nation’s (1989) stated that each and every child have a right to develop themselves by providing them with right to information, knowledge, material, religion, background and equality. A library service in this case is an important tool for young kids and teenagers as it will help them grow and learn. The development research have also further indicated that libraries play a crucial role in bringing creativity and confidence in young children’s. It has now become important for libraries to support and provide children with good service. Libraries, teachers and parents play a crucial role in upbringing of a children and it is their role to feed the child with correct and influential information from young age. As the African proverb says “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

      When I looked into Barbican children’s library I felt that they are one of those libraries that make sure in upbringing the children in brighter way. They build creative and make sure in involving children in fun activities. The information provided in their website immediately made me feel positive about their way of teaching and sharing knowledge with the children’s. As per the Common sense nonprofit organization, there has been a decline in amount of reading within children’s and that is mainly to do with high amount of usage of digital gadgets.   Barbican children’s library make sure about this issue by involving children’s from young ages in story reading and conducting events which include children and family members. The friendly and expert staff make it easy for young children to blend in and interact with teachers and other kids easily.

      The library mainly focus on children’s and young adults as they know it is best to start the good practice from young age. They also provide with reading support to kids under the age of 5 years. Barbican librarians make sure in improving the reading skills of young children from early age. There few exciting activities include Rhymetime, it is where young kids get an opportunity to experience stories and music. Stay and Play and Messy Play are two session where children’s are provided with relax environment to enjoy playing toys and indulge in creative and messy sessions. It also help them interact with other group of friends and family members. The library also run a scheme where they arrange a volunteering pair for young children to support them in reading. As Kupetz says children who have been exposed to good learning and training in library tend to         demonstrate better behavior reading skills.




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