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      Natalie Anderson

      I just need to clarify the word count and designated areas on the grant form.

      The content in the table is not included in the count (or is it?):
      So where do I write the extra info on the form? (for items in bold)

      Project Plan (1000 words)

      Project Timeline (250 words) -has table in place.

      Budget (250)- got this

      Identify Risks (250 words)- has a table in place

      Evaluation (250)-

      Other questions- do i delete areas not applicable or just leave (e.g. team member 2)

      Which area does the marketing bit go in?

      Does every section need references?

      The Evalution (how will the project will be evaluated and benifits measured)-I dont get this part. Am I doing exactly what this states but not actually providing an evalution? Where does the final evalution go? It just seems very hypathetical if i do give one, as noone has completed the program yet.

      If my program is ongoing do I just write ‘ongoing’?

      Kate-in my criteria sheet you asked me a few questions. Two of the questions should i take as you being rhetorical? Whilst the budget question is more specific to what you want me to answer?

      Much appreciated


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      Stacey Larner

      I’ll answer the bits I can answer.

      Marketing – Kate said marketing will probably be covered in a few different areas, such as budget (as you’ll need to cost your marketing strategy), timeline, and possibly risks? But you can also provide more detail on the marketing strategy in the overview section.

      Pretty sure tables aren’t included in the word count?

      I don’t think every section would need references. Budget, for example, is much less complicated than in the Collection Development Report and we’re pretty much just listing things and costing them so no refs required.

      I think in your overview you’d indicate that the project is designed to be ongoing, and also in your timeline?

      HTH :).

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      Kate Davis

      Hi Nat

      You have picked up an error here. I meant to take the word limits off the project timeline and the risk section – and indeed, I did take them off the form, just not off the site.

      To be clear: none of the tables have word limits.

      Your project timeline goes into the table – that’s how you typically present a timeline in a proposal or grant. (I think the word limit probably caused the confusion here.)

      Your risk section is written up in the table. (Again I think this was my bad with the word limit causing confusion.)

      Marketing will probably come up in a number of places including budget, timeline and risk management, as Stacey indicated, and you might like to include a sentence in the overview (but don’t use up too many words on marketing).

      Again, as Stacey said, you would indicate your service is intended to be ongoing in your overview but keep in mind that grant funding is one off, so you should think of what you’re doing as a start up project or pilot project. If it’s ongoing, you probably should indicate how it will be funded in the future.

      For the evaluation section, you need to tell us how you will evaluate if the project is a success. So you’re not completing the evaluation, but creating a plan for the evaluation.

      Use references where they strengthen your argument or you use someone else’s ideas or words. (I don’t expect references in the very practical sections like budget, risks, timeline).

      I didn’t mark A2 so you’ll need to include the questions here for me to respond.



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      Natalie Anderson

      Hi Kate

      Firstly, thank you Stacey for your response, and your ever wise words 🙂

      You have both answered my questions and cleared up my confusion.

      So my evalution plan will touch on the particular method: questionnaire, interview,etc, and why that method is the appropriate choice?

      Criteria Sheet Q’s, –

      “My only question is why isn’t the library doing this as business as usual? Why is funding required? You’ll need to be clear about your costings for the grant application.”

      Thanks Kate

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        Kate Davis

        Hi Nat

        Those questions are prompts for things you should think about and address in Assignment 3. We’re not looking for you to send us a reply to the questions, rather, Clare is suggesting that you should proactively address this in the grant app.

        And yup, that’s the idea with the evaluation plan.


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