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      Shannon Franzway

      I could be having a bit of a “moment”, but I can’t seem to work out how to insert images into posts – tips anyone??

      I would love to include some images for impact (or maybe a little humour!)

      Thanks 🙂

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      Kate Davis

      Do you see an ‘Add media’ button like in this screenshot?

      Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.41.55 PM

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      Shannon Franzway

      Hi Kate

      Umm no – there is a blank space on my screen where that fancy button should be.  Is it something that can be solved by switching browsers?  I’m using Firefox which is usually pretty compatible with WordPress, but it could be the plugin perhaps???


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      Paola Beretta

      Hi Kate,

      Same issue as Shannon, don’t have the media button.

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      Will Wood

      Hi Kate,

      I seem to be missing the add media button too. Glad it isn’t just me!


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      Hi all, I inserted images into my post today but it wasn’t easy without the add media button.

      Go to the Text tab. In this mode, on the toolbar, here is a button called IMG. If you click on this you can add the URL for an image and add the caption.

      You get an annoying strip of text next to your image unfortunately when you submit your post and review it. The strip isn’t there when you’re in the Edit mode.

      If anyone works out how to get rid of this I’d love to know, it ruins my aesthetic 🙂

      I’d also like to be able to add images that don’t have a URL and I’d like to be able to add gifs, which didn’t work at all. All help gratefully received!

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        Kate Davis

        Well done on the workaround Robynne! Leave this with me for a bit and I will look for a solution.

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        Thank you Kate!

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      Jennifer Cotton

      Hi All

      I copied and pasted photos into my posts. Once you have pasted the photo into your forum you can click on the photo and edit it. This week I added a caption as a hyperlink to reference where I got it (I hope this is correct citing techniques)

      The downside is you get this ugly photo tag in your post which I don’t know how to remove.

      Hopefully when the media button goes in it will be easier.

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      Kate Davis

      This is now resolved. I posted a workaround to the blog. See: http://2015.informationprograms.info/blog/2015/08/30/how-to-add-images-to-your-forum-posts/

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