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      Chris Sonneveld

      Instead of attending and reviewing a program I have decide to review a program plan, more specifically ‘The Colour White‘ program plan from The Edge in Brisbane. The program aims to introduce children from the age of five on how combing colours of torches on a colour spinner help to explain how the colour white is made. The program  is a group activity that runs for approximately twenty five minutes.

      The topic being covered in the program is something I can see children over the age of five excited about as it one that many children at the age would not have come across. Even though the program is hands-on the topic still need to be engaging because participants would just switch off and miss out on the opportunities that come from the learning process and challenging themselves with something new.

      The program plan is extremely comprehensive for the instructor. For example, the program plan provides a list of all materials required and breaks down the recommended timeframe for each activity to help planning as well as suggestions for backup materials in case errors in cutting occur. The costs of materials is also stated which again helps planning for the event as you can justify expenditure as well as specific stores where you will be able to purchase supplies.

      Even thought it is mentioned that scissors are to be used by children is it surprising to see that they have not touched on hazards associated with their use or suggested that they be removed altogether.

      The recommendations at the beginning of the plan give general advice for ensuring the program runs smoothly. An example being that due to the age group it is likely that error in cutting will occur and spare templates for the spinner would be advantageous.  For further learning is suggested also to encourage participants to consider other aspects of the topic to enhance learning.

      I appreciate that The Edge has given permission placed a NonCommercial-ShareAlike license on their work so that others can re-work, distribute and republish all their program plans. A lot of time an effort has gone into creating these plans and  it is nice to see that they are giving back to the community and encouraging others to share their ideas solely for personal growth.

      The final page of the program is used to promote The Edge and those involved in creating the program plan. It also give those people using the plan to give feedback about it via a two minute questionnaire which highlights their willingness to make this plan and future plans the best that they can be.

      Overall, I’m impressed with the program plan as it provides program organisers a means of initiating the program as quickly a possible without the stresses associated with planning and creating the program. It touches on many aspects of a program that could be overlooked and therefore could ensile greater confidence in people who have not run a program before.

      What do you think of this program plan and how it could be used for planning other programs for this age group?


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      Will Wood

      Hey Chris,

      It was interesting to read that while the program plan had outlined the need for spare sheets due to cutting errors they hadn’t provided a risk assessment for cutting injuries. I would have thought that would have been a given for a plan that from what you have said was otherwise pretty comprehensive.

      I had a quick look over the pdf from the link you included and it is as professional as you would expect from SLQ. If they have a blank template of this document it would be very easy to create thorough plans for new programs using this framework as a basis. I am just as impressed as you are.

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      Tracey Allen

      Hey Chris,

      This program plan looks interesting and I may actually try it with the girls I look after (7yrs,9yrs). The one criticism I did have was that the instructions don’t come with pictures, which would be helpful to see that you have exactly what is needed. I was always overprotective when the girls used scissors at home, but then realised that they use them in school all the time and practice makes perfect.  Perhaps they could recommend junior scissors since the plan is aimed at 5yrs +.



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