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      Nicole Steer

      Hi! I’m Nicole Steer. I’m doing the Masters of Information Technology (Library and Information Science). I started in Semester 2 last year and I’m doing the course part time while working, looking for more work, and volunteering. I’ve done 3 units so far. This and Managing Collections will be my 4th and 5th units.

      I see myself working in a rural public library in the future, mostly because that’s where I’ve done most of my volunteering before and it’s something I’m very passionate about. Rural areas are frequently low socio-economic areas, generally isolated, and frequently in great need of funding and assistance which is often spent in more metropolitan areas. Libraries in rural areas are hubs of both information and social interaction. Most people’s first contact with Council comes through interaction with the library. People often pay rates, dog registrations, etc at libraries and local councillors often hold meetings with the council’s residents in libraries, especially in towns that lack a town hall. They are frequently partnered with local state schools and social groups. Very few small towns have dedicated bookshops and libraries are often the sole source of books for disadvantaged families. Many people, especially older and poor people, have little or no access to internet or computers at home, so libraries are often used for this as well. They also provide a safe, quiet, dedicated learning environment for children who may not be able to find this at home.
      I think my superpower is empathy. I feel very strongly for other people and take their troubles on as my own. I hate seeing people upset or confused and see it as my duty to “fix” things for them.
      Other people like calling me a “walking encyclopaedia” or the like so I think they’d say my superpower was memory/recall. I have a hard time forgetting things and I remember most things I’ve read or heard. It’s usually pretty handy.
      If I could choose my superpower I’d love to be able to speak with animals. 🙂 I love animals, especially birds. Biology was my favourite subject in school and I did it at uni too and it was great. One of my big passions is ethics in science with regards to animals. I’d be too squeamish to be a vet but I love studying animals otherwise.

      e: wahahaha I’m not sure what happened with all that HTML! It’s gone now 😛

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      • This topic was modified 6 years, 6 months ago by Nicole Steer.
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      Rebecca Randall

      Great to see you again Nicole! Glad you survived first semester!

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      Kate Davis

      Empathy is a good superpower.

      I’m a chronic nurturer. I can relate to wanting to fix things for people. I think it might be a common trait in this profession.

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