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      Deborah Fuller

      1.  Who you are you?
      Hi, I’m Debbie Fuller and I’m currently a part-time nurse looking for a career change working in the library field. I’m married, child-free but proud mum to 2 rescue dogs. Love reading, walking, food and wine and adding o my ever expanding bag collection. I am a proud ex-pat Mancunian, but am loving Brisbane.

      2.  Where you’re up to in the course

      I have just started this semester and am studying full-time, majoring in Library Information Practices, and am feeling a little overwhelmed.

      3.  What kind of library or information organisation you see yourself working in when you graduate

      My dream job would be in the State Library of Queensland, as it is amazing

      4.  We also want to know what your superhero superpower is. Tell us: What do you think your superpower is? What are you really good at?

      Great with dogs, if that could be a super power

      5.  What would people who know you say your superpower is? Would it be something different than what you think your superpower is? Do you think it’s a superpower you actually possess?

      Very organised and catalogue everything

      6.  What would you like your superpower to be, if you could choose one?

      Time travel, I am also a bit of a Doctor Who fan and would love to travel through time and space, but I’d need to get over my fear of flying first

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      Kate Davis

      Sounds like you are a natural librarian 😉

      Welcome to the course. We’ll do our best to help you manage that feeling of being overwhelmed so please just shout out if you need anything.

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      Kym Ferris

      Hi Debbie,

      I think I met you in person at the 1st lecture! I’m hoping I can be on site to attend the Week 4 lecture.

      I like your superpower wish – I’m also a Dr Who fan.


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      Deborah Fuller

      Hi Kym
      It will be good to catch up again. Hope you can make it on Monday

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      Dr Who fans of the world unite! It’s been lovely to meet you Debbie – if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed let’s have a coffee, because I am too. Maybe we can work through that together 🙂 Who is your favourite Doctor??

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      Deborah Fuller

      Coffee sounds Robynne. My favourite old Doctor was Tom Baker and of the new ones I like Chris Eccleston as he’s a gritty northerner like me, but I’m not a very good fan as I can never remember any of the aliens names..

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