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      Stephanie Venturato

      My name is Steph, I’m in my second semester of LIS. I’m not sure what sort of librarian I want to be yet but I’m thinking art research ( I have a background in Fine Arts), archives or even public libraries.

      I think my super power is probably that I’m a really fast reader, which is useful ( or maybe because) I work in a bookstore. I still manage too read a fair bit of fiction even during semester , my goal this year is to use this super power to tackle a bit more course related material in addition to readings and such.

      I would like to think that people would say my super power is that I’m a excellent cook or something but in reality it would most likely be my uncanny ability to drop everything I touch or running into inanimate objects on an almost hourly basis.

      The superpower I wish I had is incredible time management, that is all I want ever.

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      Stacey Larner

      I was awful at time management until I had children. Now I look back and wonder what on earth I used to do with all my free time. I do more now than I ever did pre-children. I’m also a lot more stressed ;). I’m also a fast reader, it comes in really handy!

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      Kate Davis

      We have so many artists and art lovers in this cohort. It’s fantastic!

      I am obsessed with productivity and time management. I agree with Stacey – parenting has made me a much more efficient time manager (although our atypical family structure means there are more people parenting, and therefore I’m not under as much time pressure as most mums).  So maybe the lesson is: have a baby; get better at managing time?! On a more serious note, you might find this story I created on my tips for being a time management ninja useful.

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      Stephanie Venturato

      Haha ok I’ll get right on that baby business ;). Thanks Kate I’ll check it out!

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      Katherine Lee

      I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted to work in a book shop 🙂

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      Reading is absolutely the best super power. I’ve moved countries and my books have just arrived in my container – soooo happy!

      Best of luck with your job in a fine arts related field Steph. I’d love to do that too, so many books, so much art, ao little time 😉

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