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      Paola Beretta

      Hello there dear colleagues!

      It’s a pleasure to meet you all and I’m very excited about working with you in this unit. This is my second semester of the MIS (Information Management and Library Practice).

      I think that programs and services is my ‘thing’ as I have a background in visitor services and public programs in museums and galleries. When I was a young teenager I was very shy, a bit angry with the world and books were a huge comfort and companions to my imaginative life. I had all my books neatly catalogued on index cards that I kept in a wooden box. I was a librarian then and didn’t know! I am also an avid crafter (sewing, paper mache, mixed media, collage) and love making things by hand, which is essential to my keep my hyperactive mind functional.

      I was born in Brazil, but have been an Aussie for more than 20 years and now I have family in Brazil, Australia and Canada. At home is me and my partner (who is also studying, finishing his masters) so we worked out some good strategies to keep us sane, cook, do the washing, study, work and have a little spare time together. We have no kids, but I’m an auntie to two kids who live in Canada. I’m the virtual auntie who reads stories online and does ‘show and tell’ about arts and crafts with my nephews.

      I think my superpower is my ability to communicate well. I consider having a multilingual brain a privilege and a great asset – it has opened my mind to alternative ‘world views’ and cultures. If I could chose a superpower it would have be teleportation so I could have breakfast in Brisbane, lunch in Montreal and dinner in São Paulo to catch up with all my loved ones around the world once a day….needless to say I’m a huge Skype user. I believe in and support the power of information, life-long learning and creativity that can transform lives for the better. I am very interested in librarianship as a positive element of social justice and would like to participate in projects that take libraries and information to disadvantaged communities.



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      Stacey Larner

      I’d love to see some of your crafty things :D. Sewing is something that’s fallen off my rotation in the past year, but I’m still managing to knit occasionally.

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      Kate Davis

      Ah I’m so jealous of the multilingualism! The twins are bilingual and I think it does something amazing to their brains… Although we are noticing some impact on Issy’s reading. Five nights out of 14 they’re in a house where they only speak Spanish and sometimes I can see their brains ticking around words when they come home. Seba will often call out in Spanish during the night.

      I think you’ll find this unit interesting, given your background, and I’m looking forward to any insights you can offer about other GLAM contexts!

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        Paola Beretta

        Hi Kate,

        That’s really cool you also have a bilingual experience at home. I studied a little bit about it when doing my GradCert in TESOL. It’s fascinating topic! Which also points to another one of my interests: library access and programs for speakers of other languages than English.

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      Lisa Schofeld

      I’m a knitter and crocheter and also love spinning, weaving, sewing. I knit or crochet wherever I am and I can get a whole lot done while listening in class.

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      Paola Beretta

      Hi Lisa,

      It’s a pleasure to meet you and thanks for writing. I am very happy there are a few of us here who are art/craft inclined!

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      Katherine Lee

      I think being bilingual is a superpower in itself, a superpower that doesn’t come easily. I like your idea of being able to teleport, that would be so handy!

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