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      Michele Smith

      The Basics:  I’m Michele.  I live in sunny Yeppoon in Central Queensland.  I am married (for the second time), with 6 children; 3 who have flown the nest, and 3 who still live at home.  In my day job I am a speech pathologist, working with children and adults with disabilities.  I have been working as a speechie for about 15 years, and felt it was time for a change, hence the decision to study to become a librarian.

      I am in my second semester of the MIS(LIP), studying online, 2 subjects per semester.  I imagine myself working in a public library when I finish my studies, but I would also be happy working at the local university, or in fact, anywhere I could get a job as an information professional.  I’m not too sure what job opportunities will be like up here.

      Superhero Superpower: People are often astonished at the idea that anyone has 6 children these days, so I sometimes get called “Supermum” and “super-organised”; but I think my real superpower is being able to find lost items.  I am really good at this.  When asked, “Mum, where is my ____?” I can usually find the requested item, and will often return the item with a helpful piece of advice such as, “You know, if you put it back where it goes when you’re finished with it, you will always be able to find it again.”  This advice, whilst helpful, is not always heeded.

      If I could choose a superpower, it would definitely be to have the ability to clone myself.  I would have “Work Michele”, “Study Michele”, “Mum Michele”, “Fitness Michele” and “Leisure Michele”.  Then I would have enough time to do a good job at everything.

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      Jill Byrne

      Ha ha Michele, I love the clone idea. That would be so much easier. 6 kids sounds busy but six times the love must pay off :-). I was tossing up between Speech Pathology and Library when wanting to come back to study after working with Special Ed kids and teaching in Kindy. I lived near Bundaberg for a while and just recently visited Airlie Beach and Daydream Island so I’m thinking Yeppoon must be very picturesque and still a nicely paced life? Good luck with the semester and see you in class online.


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      Kate Davis

      A background in speech pathology will be incredibly useful particularly if you do end up working in public libraries. In my last library gig, the library services used an approach to storytime developed by a local speech pathologist. In fact I used to get her in to guest lecture in the precursor to this unit… It was great to have a framework based on research and to see an emphasis not just on literacy but also on speech and vocabulary development.

      Six kids sounds intense but wonderful. I can’t imagine getting to a point where I knew I wasn’t going to have any more kids. Every new developmental stage is amazing… I’m fascinated by watching them learn and grow and seeing their personalities evolve. I can see myself ending up with a tribe as a result!

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