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      Kate McKelliget

      Hello everybody! My name is Kate. Last year I graduated from a Bachelor of Arts/Honours with and extended major in History. I work casually as a tour guide at an antiquities museum. Naturally, I enjoy learning about history! I also like to read fiction, I try to spend as much time with my family and my friends as possible, I enjoy baking, try to stay active through bush walking, dog walking and boxing classes but I also enjoy a number of TV shows too. Dedicated mother of two dear cats. This year I have started volunteering at two different libraries and I am enjoying that very much!

      Where are you up to in the course?

      This is my first semester.

      We also want to know what your superhero power is. Tell us:

      What do you think you superpower is? What are you really good at?

      I am very good at finding and wrapping present and making matching cards

      What do other people who know you think your superpower is? Do you think it’s a superpower you actually possess? I think people would generally say that my superpower is my study drive. I think it’s a power I possess but I don’t possess it as gracefully as people seem to believe I do. There is a lot of blood sweat and tears behind my studies (we can all relate!)

      What would you like your super power to be, if you could choose one?

      I also like the idea of time travel!

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      Kate Davis

      Great to hear you’re volunteering Kate. That will really help you in the course, because it will allow you to contextualise what you’re learning, and it’s great experience for your CV.


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