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      Lisa Schofeld

      Hello, my name is Lisa. I am full-time in my first semester of MIS(LIP) and I work full-time as a Document Controller. At the moment I’m working on a short term contract and have no idea where I’ll be working next month. I previously worked on large construction sites in document control managing the all the documentation for the project via an online database (Incite, Incite Keystone, Aconex, Teambinder). I originally completed a BA in languages back in the day when I was first out of school and have also completed a Diploma of Arts with a focus on Criminology/Forensic Anthropology. I am looking forward to this semester and hoping I can keep up with full-time work and study.

      I don’t have kids and I high five those of you who manage to juggle children with work and study!. I live with my partner in North Brisbane and we enjoy cycling on weekends, picnics and going on drives. I love knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving and sometimes sewing. I take my knitting/crochet with me pretty much everywhere and when I come to class that’s what you’ll see me doing while I’m listening to the lecture. I guess my superpower is crochet but that doesn’t really benefit too many people unless I make you something hehehe. If I had a Super Power I’d be torn between flying because that would be awesome to get a birds eye view of everything however I’d love a power that allowed me to repair my injuries as I suffer from chronic back pain which is really tiresome when my back is out. I have a really helpful nature and I love helping people solve problems and find things which I guess are great super powers to have as a Librarian.

      I’m not sure what library I’ll end up working in but I’d like to keep my options open. I think working in SLQ would be great as I would enjoy helping out with some of their exhibitions that they have. Working in Brisbane Square Library would be ideal especially as my partner works in the same building for Council.

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      Clare Thorpe

      There’s definitely cross over skills from document management via information management to libraries. It will be interesting to see if you can relate any of your current experience as you progress through your studies.

      Always happy to see people are interested in working at SLQ. BCC is great too though some of their more interesting programming is currently happening out at some of the big suburban hubs like Sunnybank and Chermside. Might be worth a look.

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      Hi Lisa, crochet is an excellent super power! I haven’t had time for crafts over the past few years but I’m definitely going to give it a red hot go this year 🙂

      Looking forward to seeing you in class, crochet needle at the ready 😉

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      Lisa Schofeld

      Thanks Robynne, I crochet/knit all year round as I find it relieves stress. Yep dust off your hook and get your crochet on :-). See you in class.

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