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      Luke Mysliwy

      My name is Luke. I have just started in this course this semester and am looking forward to the challenge of Uni again after 9 years! I completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media Production & International Relations) between 2003 & 2006. I have a pretty varied history of occupations, including retail, hospitality, sales, various office jobs (call centres and the like), event management and media.The one constant in all that time has been the band I play in (we are called Jack Flash and play Folk/Punk. Bit like Redgum, The Pogues, Flogging Molly style thing). Two years ago I landed a job with Brisbane City Council as a Library Assistant (I work at Indooroopilly library, come and say hi), and I love it!

      The reason I have chosen to start this degree is because having found a career I enjoy, I would like to make myself more knowledgeable and proficient in my job, and widen the possibilities for future roles.

      What kind of library or information organisation you see yourself working in when you graduate?

      weeeeeell I already work in a public library. I can see myself staying in this job (or something similar) for a good while yet, but since I don’t expect to graduate for another 4 years (I am studying part time), I may well be ready to try something else. One of the main things I hope to learn in this course is more about the various types of libraries there are, and the type of work I could expect to do in them. Perhaps then I can choose the ideal type of organisation to work for.



      What do you think your superpower is? What are you really good at?

      I feel like I’m pretty good at getting along with people. Unlike some people, I quite enjoy working with the public and interacting with others. I also feel fairly confident speaking in public and performing (depending on the type of performace) Some people simply can’t do that (I can’t do a lot of things they can do either), so although it comes naturally to me (or at least I don’t feel uncomfortable doing it), I guess it is a special skill. Although I wouldn’t call it a superpower.

      What would people who know you say your superpower is? Would it be something different than what you think your superpower is? Do you think it’s a superpower you actually possess?

      I would say most of my friends would agree with what I said my superpower is- being friendly and getting along with people easily (it always astounds my girlfriend that wherever we go I seem to bump into someone I know).

      What would you like your superpower to be, if you could choose one?

      Man, Kate’s idea of teleportation would be pretty sweet. I think I’d have to steal it. In a sci-fi novel I read last year humans develop the ability to teleport (they call it ‘jaunting’). This creates all sorts of interesting social dilemmas (for example, you can jaunt anywhere you like and commit crimes!). The book is called ‘The Stars My Destination’. I highly recommend it.

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      Kate Davis

      Welcome Luke! It’s fantastic that you’re already working in a library, and particularly great to be in such a big library service – lots of opportunities! Looking forward to working with you this semester.

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      Stacey Larner

      Oh teleportation, how did I not think of that one? It would solve a LOT of my problems.

      Were you at the welcome night last Tuesday?

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