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      Ruth McConchie

      Belinda needs support from someone she is familiar with, a trusted advisor, her very own studyaSISTER. Ideally they would be introduced before enrollment and build up trust through the enrollment process. Her studyaSISTER would then take her on orientation tour of the library and she could meet and learn the location of academic skills advisors, liaison librarians, technical support and support services.

      After orientation this relationship could then be moved to a Facebook application which Belinda is already familiar with using. This would mean that no matter what time Belinda needs a question answered or a hug or someone to celebrate with, her studyaSISTER is there via an application. Their discussions would be searchable so Belinda could look back if she was unsure of something, but this would also create a history of her achievements which would help building her confidence.

      Ideally Belinda could decide on the level of support she thinks she requires from her buddy. At the beginning, the studyaSISTER could check in on her progress with readings and assignments and direct her to academic skills advisors and librarians as required, even coming along with her to the appointments. As Belinda gains confidence, the studyaSISTER could send her links to both useful online online tutorials and face-to-face classes she can attend to solidify knowledge. Hopefully Belinda’s confidence in her abilities and knowledge will get to a point where the studyaSISTER just checks in once a week (and sends her excellent cat videos as stress management as all aSISTERs should).

      *please forgive me for my terrible pun 😸

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      Sarah Ross

      As if we need more cat videos!  I can do you some if you need them =^..^=  What seems to be emerging from all the online posts is someone needs to be an interface between the learner and uni staff to help navigate what seems a terrifying experience compounded by huge amounts of self doubt.  Some mentoring and then ongoing support is a theme that is emerging.

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      Stacey Larner

      A bit like a library mentor? Cool! I want that job. 😀

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      Shannon Franzway

      I really like the idea of the student being able to choose the level of support they require – levels of confidence and competence are going to be unique for each student.

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      Ruth McConchie

      Thanks for your feedback Sarah, Stacey and Shannon! 😺

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      Kate Davis

      I lovely the aSISTER idea. Gold! And very clever.

      She’s not an animal fan though so I wouldn’t recommend cat videos.

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