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      hanan albishri

      Fundamental human right are right by their very nature that is fundamental and necessary for human existence (Lewis, 2001). The right to internet like any other human right ought to be essential and fundamental to human existence; for this reason; I would argue for the point which says ACCESS TO INTERNET IS A FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT.

      Internet access has enhanced freedom of speech, which is one of the basic human right globally and has continued to enrich human life significantly, which includes the core professions like Information management. It was reported by (Skepys, 2012) that around 40 percent of the global population make use of internet (International Network) either at home or in the office today, this figure is as a result of the tenfold increments in the numbers of internet users from 1995. It was reported by the same writer (Skepys, 2012) that Asia has the highest numbers of internet users with 48.4 percent; this statistics reflected one of the many reasons for the boom in Asian economy since the last decade, Asia is followed by America with (21.6%) internet users, Europe (19 %) and Africa (9 %). Without mincing words; am sure you will agree with me that the statistics above reflect the overall economy growth rate in the world by continents within the last ten years. Looking at the benefits of internet usage with Australia as a subject reveals that Australia economy has benefited well over $ 80 billion from internet usage. From business perspective, internet is transforming the manner business transactions are been done with improved unhindered access to information. From individual view, benefits related to  internet usage  is overwhelming; it offers convenience, easy and effective communication, access to fast and reliable information, access to numerous products and services. It is important to note that the subscription pay for personal internet usage is incredibly low when compared to the benefits involved. Internet has also increased global awareness to politics and related issues and examples include the recent Arab uprisings and the Honk Kong millennia crises. It is also a widely speculated “internet rumour” that US president (Barrack Obama) wouldn’t have won his first election without internet input. From library and information science perspective; internet hasn’t just improved service but has transformed the manner things are been done. The ever increasing popularity of EBook readers is another giant stride instigated by internet usage which is improving the reading culture globally (TIMETechland, 2004). The increasing number of online universities and colleges enrolment has increased and still increasing the number of literate globally. It is wise to say “Internet is the best thing to have happened to our generation”. In a poll conducted by BBC world service before the 2003 world information summit, it was reported that 60 percent of the respondent agreed that internet should be a fundamental human right. Making internet fundamental human right globally won’t only improve global economy but would also develop global citizens in a manner that has never been seen before. Internet is comparable to education and every earth citizen deserves to be a part of this blessing.

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      A very persuasive argument Hanan. Do you think that sometimes the internet can be a mixed blessing though?

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      Caitlin .

      Hi Hanan,

      I agree that it is absolutely a Human right and could be even included in the ones we already accept such as access to a fair standard of living and access to Education. To participate in Society in the economy as you suggested and also access government services and education access to internet is crucial. It also facilitates democracy by creating informed and if desired actively involved citizens. With access comes the need for education to keep u with changing technology and make informed decisions about the information we use and believe and what we wish to share.

      Great post Caitlin

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      hanan albishri

      Hi Robynne .. Thanks for your comment

      Yes, I think the internet can sometimes be a mixed blessing due to the fact that contents are not regulated.
      There is wonderful information in the internet but information can sometimes be unlawful. It depend on how people use it.
      It is like two sides of the same coin. It can be used for good and for destructive purpose as well.



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      hanan albishri

      Hello Caitlin …Thanks for the kind words, really appreciated 🙂

      Best regards,


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