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      Katherine Lee

      Who I am:
      A full-time student studying a MIS (LIP)
      Passionate reader
      Lover of ideas

      Where I am up to in the course:
      This is my second semester doing my MIS (LIP) and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to investigating the service side of libraries.

      What kind of library or information organisation I see myself working in:
      After having done some work in a law library over the break, I would love to work in a law or special library, but am also interested in academic libraries. I love answering questions and helping people, so I would love to one day be a reference librarian in an information organisation.

      I think my super power is:
      My really good memory… I’m not sure if that counts as a super power, but it comes in handy.

      People would say my super power is:
      My good memory, but perhaps also being able to stay calm in any circumstance.

      What I would like my superpower to be:
      I’ve always loved historical objects and am curious about the past so I’ve always wanted to have the power of being able to ‘see’ an object’s history by touching it. Kind of like a psychic, but with objects. Obviously, I would want to be able to control this power so I only see into the past when I choose to.

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      Stacey Larner

      Oh I like it, so where it’s been, who’s owned it, etc? That would be handy for solving crimes too.

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      Kate Davis

      That would be a cool superpower… I’d love to be able to see where a piece of art has been, for example, and the things it has witnessed.

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