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Chris Sonneveld

Thank you for your response Stacey. I have posted some information about the Makerspace on our closed Facebook group as I didn’t want to post it here. I agree that a service should be widely and easily accessible because that’s what public libraries do best. If a library is willing to lend out 20+ items at a time there is obviously a great deal of trust between the library and its patrons so I can see how allowing access to¬†expensive computer equipment is not all different. I would hope that the library would encourage people to let staff know if equipment was faulty as I would hate for someone to get blamed for something someone else had done. In the end, the library wouldn’t offer a service that is too expensive to support and I’m sure this was covered when they proposed the new service or else it wouldn’t exist. I’m excited to see libraries providing services like this one and hope it can prove to other libraries that they are important to the local community.