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Hi Debbie, this sounds like fun!

Are you going to follow up with the other classes suggested? What do yo think could have been done to add a creative or active element to the time you spent? I’ve been so fortunate to spend time with some really creative sewers in my time and they have all been very generous in sharing how they make things. Still I guess this lady was there to provide inspiration and it seems as though she succeeded in doing just that. It would be great to follow up with some hands-on activity. I love the idea of makerspaces as community meeting places that foster craetivity and it seems to me that libraries can readily add to their role as community hubs by adding these spaces. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any sewing – my boys were surprised the other day as I was doing these readings that I started talking about picking up my needle and threads again. They can’t remember me sewing – that was a kick in the tail I needed! I’d also like to meet others who enjoy this craft so it’s off to the library for me as well.

Glad you enjoyed your experience.