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Sarah Ross

Hi Chris,

I think the librarians’ enthusiasm rubbed off on you by the end.  I have only just got my head around 3D printers but a 3Doodler – will have to check it out.  Raspberry Pi I know about as apparently we have one?!  I don’t think it is in use as it was supposed to be a controller for a watering system and we don’t have one except for the watering can!

I was interested that you felt they had not publicised or marketed the new makerspace.  This seems to be a problem for a lot of (public) libraries as I am constantly surprised at what is on offer and you generally have to a bit of a dig on the website(s) to find out – and when you do you find that you have to wait for the next class for quite a while.

It is also a little worrying that once you have had your induction you can just rock up and use it – security issues come to mind and also inappropriate use?

Thanks for your insight.

Cheers, Sarah