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Will Wood

Hey Chris,

Great post! After reading through it I had the exact same impression that Kate McKelliget did above. How do they expect users that have issues with technology and digital content to find these courses and apply for them on a digitally hosted platform? That seems really counter-intuitive to me. You mention budget concerns for public libraries too and I’m sure that that plays a role in the marketing of these classes as it is going to be much more affordable to advertise on the website that is already paid for than to produce lots of physical information and pay for physical advertising. Perhaps more time should be spent analysis the actual needs of users through surveys etc. but I suppose the problem then becomes how do you reach a large enough proportion of the target demographics to make this service data viable?

I can’t believe three staff members were engaged with only two participants. Do you think this might have been because they usually get a lot more people? Even still, everyone commenting seems to agree they could have maybe distributed staff a bit more efficiently.