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Will Wood

Hi Leena,

Thanks for stopping by my forum and commenting on my Twitter Chat post!

I have bookmarked the video you have linked in this post and am interested to watch it when I have some more time.

You would know from my post that I feel that having so many titles for literacy concepts that share so many similarities can be difficult for the uninitiated to grasp – especially since these titles are most commonly used in the library industry meaning that many are unfamiliar with their intended use. I reflected on this though after reading the point you made on my post about it being important for concepts to be given labels so that it can encourage people to search more deeply for the differences that exist between them. After reading your post here I really agree with the comments you have made about the idea of creating a single changeable framework for literacy that is applicable in a variety of contexts depending on the needs and aptitude of the user. I am also excited to continue to explore these concepts! It is such a changeable and developing field of study.