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Shannon Franzway

So Chris, how are your e-book and e-audio-book skills now?!

I was interested by your comment that there was not a whole lot available regarding computer classes at Brisbane libraries.  I quickly skimmed the Gold Coast Libraries calendar of events and at first glance, there looked like plenty to keep a digital beginner out of mischief, which included the type of computer classes you were on the lookout for (e.g. MS Office tutorial).  Upon closer inspection though, I found that there are only limited digital-type sessions offered and none of the MS Office tutorial-type at the branch nearest to me (10 minutes drive).  Best case scenario, I would need to drive 25-30 minutes to participate in the program.  I do understand that libraries can’t deliver all programs in every location, but I admit I was surprised at how little was on offer.  Goes back to the widening of the digital divide!