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Tracey Allen

Hey Chris,

I was really intrigued by your program review as I recently signed up to my local library and while waiting in line was pleasantly surprised by the number of people.  It was packed!! I then realised that the majority were waiting for the Storytime program to start, while the rest were waiting to use one of the five computers. There was at least a half hour wait and one of  the computers was sitting unused because it was the one used to teach computer skills.  I was surprised also by the number of librarians (at least 5) as from the literature I have been reading I expected there to be maybe one or two librarians looking frazzled trying to provide services in a time of constricting budgets.  I agree with you that 3 librarians were not needed to teach two people.  They should have a policy that links staff to a ratio.  It works in child care in the afternoons where the ratio is 1:7, so if less staff are needed they can  go get other work done.