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Hi Lisa, I liked the story of your colleague – if it weren’t for my teenage sons I’d be in her boat for sure! In my middle years I find myself feeling unaccountably “old” in the face of the agilty with which they handle all kinds of tech, but I have to be grateful for the times that their skills dig me out of holes I find myself in. Surely I should be feeling the wisdom of my years 🙂 , but alas that is not the case. Hence my Masters in Information Science ….  The point of these ramblings is that information and digital literacy are now skills that everyone must have – they are everyday skills. Medicare, Centrelink, ordering my groceries, reading the newspaper, communication with friends and family – these everyday tasks require digital information skills. Isn’t this what librarians have been doing all along? Helping people with access to information in one way or another. One of those ways is now via technology and there’s no escaping the reality that technology is increasingly linked to more and more aspects of our lives. I like your idea of libraries as information “hubs”. For me this well represents the way in which libraries can remain relevant, even crucial in our communities. Long live the limitless library!