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Caitlin .

Hi Chris,

I agree with your point of view wholeheartedly although possibly for different reasons the storing and gathering of data by a public organisation would be a breach of trust and perhaps over reach their intended purpose. I am not so sure a 3rd party doing it would be well received either.

If they wish to engage a readers information to offer targeted RA this must be in response to a direct request. Sites such as Amazon are commercial entities with very different intentions then a public library. Libraries can offer blog posts and tweets etc where patrons can subscribe if desired and can could also provide an avenue where readers can engage with the library and other readers offering suggestions and interacting over reading lists. Whole collection RA where readers can engage with a multimedia program related to a text or topic allow readers to interact with each other and the library on their own terms.Perhaps their suggestions and queries can guide the library as to user needs or users not partaking oin the libraries services.

Collecting mass personal data to to market RA to individuals would be a costly excercise and open up issues of privacy and the potential for corporate interference.

The collection of data such as website traffic, downloads of RA lists or in person visits can better assist a library to target services and determine relevance as can a well worded survey.Both without he need to collect personal information.

I am surprised your post has not created more debate! It was much food for thought.