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Will Wood

Thanks so much for your comments everyone! Glad you all enjoyed my post.

Ruth – Great question! I like to think of myself as a humanist and believe strongly in the value and agency of individuals and communities so selfishly I would hope that we as a race are not completely absent in our future and only to be represented by the robots or AI we had a hand in creating. I would like to think that through technological advancements we may dramatically change in form and capability but that we would retain some sense of humanity throughout that development. Who is to say what will happen though? Very exciting stuff to contemplate.

Shannon – I agree that there is a long way to go before ‘robot story time’ or alternatives like it come anywhere close to one on one interactions with kids but that got me thinking that as robotics develops we could end up seeing a technology that fuses a physical form with skype-like technology that could allow children to be interacted with and read to by distant relatives in a more visceral way than current tech allows for which while not providing a comparable experience to face to face interactions it would open up some pretty cool options.

Robynne – Cheers for the image advice! I will look into doing that for my next post as the photos I took and would like to add to this post are stored on my phone and I don’t have an imgur or other similar photo sharing account that could give me the url I would need. Thanks again!